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Solar System Kit 12 pack

Solar System Kit 12 pack

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12 pack Solar System Kits for kids. Add creativity to the classroom with solar system projects for kids. Smoothfoam is also know as EPS (expandable polystyrene). We also carry 12 packs of Acrylic Paint Kits for these kids' solar system projects. - Smoothfoam is made from EPS (expandable polystyrene). It can be manufactured in different densities. Our High Density Smoothfoam items are over 4 lb/ft3 density and our Low Density is 1.25 lb/ft3 How is that figured out? If you had a 1 cubic foot of our low density product it would weigh 1.25 lbs and the high density would weigh 4 lbs. High density Smoothfoam items are more durable (less dents and blemishes), and have a better, smoother finish because of the smaller beads. Low Density items are softer. So better for hot wire cutting, projects that require sticking items (pencils, skewers, etc) into it.


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