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Smoothfoam Kids - Foam Beads For Slime - Easy Pour Gallon - No Mess

Smoothfoam Kids - Foam Beads For Slime - Easy Pour Gallon - No Mess

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Use these Smooth foam beads to add to slime for making shapes and adding fun texture. NOTE: The most important part in any crunchy slime experiment is that the foam beads need to be added during the slime making process. If mixed into the glue and water mixture before adding the activator there are no issues. These are uncoated polystyrene beads like other foam beads for slime.
Foam Beads For Slime are a great addition to your slime making accessories. Just mix in the desired amount while making your slime to add crunch and make shapes. 
Virgin styrofoam balls beads from polystyrene for slime making, floral party decorations.
Package includes 1 Gallon size container with handle and easy pour lid filled with small (2-4mm) white smooth polystyrene slime beads. 
Material: Polystyrene. These fully expanded smooth foam balls are less flaky than Styrofoam balls. It is light, buoyant while still hard to crush. It will keep the shape after mixed into your slime. 
MADE IN THE USA. Decorative Ball DIY Wedding/Party Decoration.


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